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Why should feed be made into pellets?

Feed pelleting machine 7033

The use of feed pellet machines has many benefits for animal husbandry.

First, feed pellet machines can process raw materials into pellets, which can be easily stored and transported. This is particularly useful for farmers who need to transport feed over long distances.

Second, feed pellet machines can improve the digestibility of feed. The pelleting process can break down the cellulose in feed, making it easier for animals to digest. This can lead to better feed conversion rates and improved animal health.

Third, feed pellet machines can help to reduce feed wastage. Pellets are less likely to be spilled or blown away than loose feed, which can save farmers money and reduce the environmental impact of animal husbandry.

Finally, feed pellet machines can be used to create custom feed blends that meet the specific nutritional needs of different animals. This can lead to improved growth rates, better feed efficiency, and healthier animals. Overall, the use of feed pellet machines is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to improve animal husbandry practices.

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