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How many types of mini rice mill machine are there? And how to choose?


There are several models of mini rice mill machine. How to choose the right one?

Generally, when selecting a mini rice mill, several factors should be considered:

  1. Output capacity: Choose a suitable model based on the actual rice consumption of the household. Generally, the rice milling capacity of household mini rice mill machine is between 100-150kg/per hour.
  2. Power: When choosing a suitable mini rice mill for your household, consider its power. The higher the power, the higher the milling efficiency, but the price will also increase accordingly.
  3. Price: Choose a suitable mini rice mill machine based on your economic strength, and the price generally ranges from a few hundred to over a thousand yuan.
  4. Brand and reputation: Choose a well-known brand of electric roller-type rice mill, which can ensure quality and after-sales service. Brands with good reputation can better meet the needs of users.

BB-N40 mini rice milling machine

one of the cheapest mini rice mill in the market . with the excellent performance and affordable price ,win a lot of popularities in India

BB-N40G mini rice milling machine

if you are from the countries or area where lacked of electricity ,BB-N40G mini rice mill is the best choice for you

BB-N40S chrome mini rice milling machine

if you want to purchase a stainless steel rice milling machine with cheap price ,BB-N40S chrome type mini rice milling machine is a best choice for you .pay the lower price to get a chrome rice milling machine

In short, when choosing a mini rice mill, it is necessary to consider the actual needs and economic strength, choose the right model and brand, to achieve better results.

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