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How many types of chaff&hay cutter are there? And how to choose?


When selecting a chaff cutter, it is important to consider the specific usage needs. Generally, the following factors can be used as a reference for choosing a chaff cutter:

  • Power: Choose an appropriate power based on the quantity and hardness of the straw to be processed.
  • Operation: Manual and electric chaff cutters have their own advantages and disadvantages. Choose the operation mode that suits you.
  • Price: The price of chaff cutters varies depending on the brand, model, power, etc. Choose according to your economic ability.
  • Usage environment: Different types of chaff cutters are suitable for different usage environments, such as home, farm, or livestock farm. Choose the appropriate model according to the actual situation.
  • Quality assurance: Choose chaff cutters with quality assurance to avoid economic losses due to quality problems.

BB-Z1.0 chaff cutter & hay cutter

if you are a small-scale livestock feeding farmer for home ,BB-Z1.0 chaff cutter is one of the best choice for home ,capacity 1000-1500kg/hour capacity can meet the demands of household farmer

BB-Z1.2 chaff cutter&hay cutter

if you have a cattle or sheep farm with 10 pcs animal ,BB-Z1.2 chaff cutter is one of the best choice for small livestock feeding ,capacity 1500-2000kg/hour will meet your requirement

Ultimately, the key to choosing a chaff cutter is to choose according to actual needs and conditions, and it is recommended to choose well-known brands with quality assurance

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